2017 RISE Clothing Shoot
 at "Off The Grid" in Dallas, TX
I appreciated how down-to-earth he was. He was super chill, all of the models were! with great smiles, So I have to I had to tell him to give me that "act like you're gonna kill me" look. This was his response! I would not want to see him on the field anytime soon! HAHA!
I was literally laying down on the floor to catch this shot. I am surprised these gals weren't laughing! Good form ladies! 
I'm not SAYING that "we could have got arrested" for taking pictures on the train track... I am just saying for sure... that we didn't... As risky as it might be... I LOVE TRAIN TRACK SHOTS!
I love how this shot turned out! I think I was shooting with my #niftyfifty 50mm f1.8... with as cheap as that sucker is it never ceases to amaze me how good the shots from that little thing turn out! 
This is actually a HUGE stitched together "pano" of 6 portrait shots I took with my 50mm f1.8. Two above him, two with him centered, and two below him and then we stiched it together in photoshop in post... But he patiently held that baller pose while I took all 6 shots. Well done man! 

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